We offer accurate translations at fair prices.


Poldienst offers accurate translations at fair prices. The prices for translations vary depending on type of text and subject matter as well as on its legibility. Moreover, the length and any special features of the text will also be taken into consideration when determining the price.

The prices for interpreting vary depending both on target group and the number of participants as well as on the duration and difficulty of the subject matter being negotiated.

Texts are charged by the line. A minimum order at poldienst amounts to EUR 20.00 plus value-added tax. Upon request, we can provide you with a free cost estimate once we have received your text(s) for appraisal. The translation, once completed, serves as the basis for the final calculation.

Interpreting services are charged by the hour. An allowance for travel expenses is also charged.

Surcharges apply to rush orders, however allowances can be made for larger orders and work sent on a regular basis.

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